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101 Uses For Your Vuvuzela

So the Soccer World Cup seems like a faint distant memory, just like the sound of Vuvuzelas…

I guess this brings up the question, where is your Vuvuzela? In fact, where the hell are my Vuvuzelas come to think of it…
I had two and it only makes me think that The Jen has ever so sneakily hidden them away from me… hmmm, I'll have to look into that one.

But yes, if your Vuvuzela is sitting around gathering dust, now is the time to put it to alternative use.

Parys Potgieter actually passed this info to me that he found on Twitter which is not only quite creative but can be damn useful aswell, all the guys will no exactly what I'm talking about… for those late night drunken acts of pure laziness haha :)

They call it, The Vuvu-Tinkle-Sprinkle-Protector

Here's one way to stop your doll "misplacing" your Vuvuzela…

The Vuvu Bangle Stand… it will NEVER go missing… trust me :)

and of course the Mel Gibson Vuvu Muzzle… it's definately, what women want…

Check out all these awesome uses and loads more over at Wozela

Now to go on the hunt for mine :)

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