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25 Reasons Why We Love South Africa: Reason #9… Nando’s Athletes Ad [video]

Nando’s celebrate their 25th Anniversary (shoo, that long already!) by keeping things 100% South African (or Saffa as we like to say it over here), and what better way than to ask the public, what are the 25 best reasons why we love South Africa.

To get the creative juices flowing, Nando’s have released this hilarious ad (would you expect anything less?) to kick things into motion… Reason #9… We have great Athletes… and by no means do they mean the likes of Chad Le Clos or Oscar Pistorius…

Check it out, you’ll have a good lag at this one :)

hahaha :) so true hey… Car Guards…it’s definitely one that makes South Africa unique

This ad is one of four new ads that will be gracing the pages of PharSide in the very near future, but here’s you chance to get in on the action and get yourself a piece of the Birthday cake… or should I say… Chicken :)

Check this out…

Nando’s has created a board on Pinterest detailing the #25reasons we love SA http://pinterest.com/nandosoriginal/25reasons/

To celebrate their 25th birthday, they’re asking you to give them 25 reasons why you love South Africa. The most shared reasons will get made into an online video and Nando’s vouchers will be given away randomly to #25reasons tweets / boards.

Here’s what YOU can do to get involved : Create a Pinterest board titled #25Reasons, re-pin your favourite reasons from their board, or create your own.

Tweet your board using the #25Reasons hashtag or submit it to their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/NandosOriginal

If you’re not on Pinterest, simply tweet your reason using the #25Reasons hashtag. Entries close 15th October 2012. Pin it to win it 😉

kiff… get cracking on those reasons :)

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