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Big Rush Urban Adrenaline


If you go down to the today, you're in for a big surprise… For anyone who is about to go on holiday to I suggest you put this way up at the top of your list… because if you are like me who only found out about this two days after I arrived back in London, you'll definately be kicking yourself for not "taking the plunge" on the Big Rush Urban Adrenaline big swing!

While I was in Durban recently we decided to take a ride over to the new Moses Mabhida Stadium for a trip up to the top of the arch in the little Sky Cart, and take a few pics of the awesome view… and so we did… it was a nice very calm and peaceful experience, something you'd normally do on a nice family outing, well The Phreak was with me so I guess that does classify it as a family outing, not to mention the very large families that were going up there that day. However, and I'll say this in all caps to express my disappointment… IF I ONLY FRICKIN KNEW!!! what was going on on the other side of that blerrie arch, we would have found that that is where the party was at, because on the opposite side of the seemingly OAP/Family/Kiddie side of the arch is where you get to take a little ride on this little swing which is definately not for minors, or people with a heart condition for that matter… This little swing is known as the big swing, which is run by Big Rush Urban Adrenaline. This consists of a piece of rope attached to the top of the arch and you attached to the other end, leaping from a platform 106m off the pitch, swinging about 220m across the inside of the entire stadium at over 120km/h after a nice 60m free fall…. sound like fun? you fuckin right it does! 

The jump will set you back R595 which is roughly a mild £50 if you're taking the big caroonas over and another R150 to get it filmed… not to mention if you want your mates to sit in the stands watching you pull funny faces in absolute fear of your life, it'll cost them R30 each for the pleasure.

Fortunately for my good friend Andy Brown, he saw it on the BBC before heading over to SA and had it right at the top of his list of activities when he arrived… 

Check the video below of Andy's jump!… absolutely livid that I didn't get to do it!

Run Forrest Run! haha 🙂

Anyway, check how cool and awesome my ride down was 🙂

wah wah waaaaah! FAIL!

Andy 1 Marky 0!

For more info, check out http://www.bigrush.co.za/


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