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5 Viral Videos You Have To See Right Now

If you haven't seen these five viral videos yet, then you are seriously not keeping up with the times, so here's a little catch up session, enjoy :)

1. Somebody That I Used To Know – Walk Off The Earth (Gotye Cover)

Trust me, you will not only watch this once, the song is insanely infectious, you'll find yourself singing along to it while you go about your daily business. Originally performed by Gotye, Walk Off The Earth take doing this cover to a new level by making incredibly difficult to tell which is better, original or cover. The video itself is nicely done, four guys and a girl on one guitar… one things for sure, howz that chick's voice!?!

2. Fotoshop By Adobe'

Used by every top magazine out there and now its available to you, will do for you what no amount of make up will ever be able to do :)

3. Who's You Favourite?

This dude tries to outsmart his baby daughter with ever trick in the book to get her to say he's the favourite… quite cute :)

4. I Have Something To Tell You

The video that's been taking South Africa by storm over the last couple weeks creating the massive awareness for the poaching and legal killing of Rhino, a definite must see… you may even notice a familiar face in it. This video will make you think differently without a doubt, don't believe me? Challenge accepted, watch and see :)

5. Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

A video of a poem that has a pretty powerful message, the stuff this guy says makes a huge amount of sense, some of which I have thought for years, if you don't dig religion then this is definitely a must see.

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