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Marky Warren and Bert Le Clos

A Chat With Bert Le Clos… The Proudest Dad Ever! [video]

Yesterday I got to meet up with , of Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer, Chad Le Clos for a quick chat in following Chad's awesome win in the 200m Butterfly event and of course his own on the BBC…

Incase you've been locked up in a little box for the past few days, South African Olympic swimmer, Chad Le Clos achieved an unbelievable win on Tuesday night in the Men's 200m Butterfly Event which earned him an Olympic at . Whilst Chad basked in his glory marking one of greatest moments of , his incredibly father was hauled in front of the TV camera for an interview with the BBC, which would also mark the most heart warming moment of .

If you haven't seen the interview yet, take a moment to watch it right now….

Howz that for being the proudest a could ever possibly be!?!

Bert won the hearts of people all over the world and the of the interview went ridiculously viral, racking up over 200 000 views in less than 24hrs… now that is truly something special!

To be honest, I watched the interview about 15-20 times yesterday, you just can't watch it enough times to get a slight sense of the joy that Bert was expressing.

Now yesterday evening I logged on to Facebook when I got home, and true's bob I saw my friend Sarah had posted a pic of her with Bert standing right outside Al Forno's in Wimbledon… I got her on the phone straight away to find out what was what. As it turns out Bert and his family had popped into the Old Frizzle next door to watch Chad competing in another race on the TV screens. Within seconds I was in The Black Mamba dashing down to the Old Frizzle to see if I could catch Bert. I introduced myself to him and asked if it was at all possible to have a quick chat to him after the race for PharSide. Bert was all the more happy to do so, so we popped down to The Pod Bar so we have a chat. Unfortunately given the short space of time I had, I had absolutely no time to prepare for it so just had to wing it.

And this is how it went…

What an awesome ballie, such a great character who couldn't be a more proud father! unbelievable! After all the pressure he's been under from the media he was more than happy to park off and have a chat with a guy that just happens to have a little blog, how awesome is that! He's on cloud 9 and he ain't coming back down anytime soon thats for blerrie sure! Remarkable! If anything I'm sure Chad himself must be just as proud to have a ballie like him.

An absolute LEGEND! 

Thanks again Bert… you seriously made my day two days in a row! 🙂


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