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A Few Songs That Will Drive You Nuts Over Christmas

The festive season is here leading up to Christmas and climaxing at New Years Eve, but if that isn't enough to make you drink, here's a few songs that will certainly make you do just that.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy Christmas time, but the unfortunate thing about it is that you just know that the usual suspects will crawl out their yearly hibernation holes and back onto the airwaves, and it's not like they get played once or twice, radio and TV stations absolutely kill it... like really murder them! but strangely they're back in full force the very next year ready to attempt to push us over the edge.

Lets take a look at the most butchered tracks that are well past their sell by date...

My top choice, WHAM! - Last Christmas (links link to Spotify)

I swear I have heard this song almost every year of my existence, in fact, the Phreak has heard it every year of her existence since it was released in the year that she was born... 1984! yes people, this song has been driving people to drink since 1984, 27 years! and by the looks of things it's not stopping anytime soon, that's the problem with these songs, because they only get lashed out once a year, they just keep going. I reckon this one will no doubt out live its creators, George Michael and the other guy.

2. Mariah Carey - All I want For Christmas

This is one that is really starting to show Mariah's age, its been killing our ears since 1994 and was released as part of her "Merry Christmas" album, yes a whole album... thankfully we've only had to deal with this one track over the years, to be honest there's only one good use of this song that I've seen so far which is this... This needs to be canned and buried... forever!



3. Merry Christmas Everyone - Shakin Stevens

This one is painfully boppy and jivey thats been causing drunk people to look like idiots at Christmas parties since 1985, If you like ultimate happy cheese... this is your song... VOMIT! 




These songs have had their time

But brace yourselves folks... Michael Buble has released an entire album of Christmas songs entitled, "Christmas". which looks like it's getting a lot of airplay.. may there be hope for us all...

Those are my three songs that I reckon should never see the light of day again... you'll notice, I haven't put The Pogues - Fairytale In New York, why? Cause I reckon its a pretty good song, it doesn't have the hallmarks of cheese and is definitely something you can listen to year after year, in fact, you can listen to it anytime of the year.

"Do They Know It's Christmas" by Bob Geldof and co for Band Aid doesn't make the cut since I reckon Bob knew everyone would get sick of the 1984 version and re-invented it with a whole new set of artists twice since then, the last best version being 2004 which the opening lyrics were rung out by Chris Martin from Coldplay. Nice work Bob, that's how it should be done. Also the fact that the song has good a very good purpose behind it of reminding the world that while we're all scoffing down our turkey there are starving people in Africa, so I can deal with that.

What are your worst Christmas songs to date?

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