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A Little Something For You Girls

I feel I don't do enough for you girls out there... savour this moment, seriously 🙂 For the guys we have Tasty Tuesdays which is getting tastier each week, but I've realised there isn't really much which is, how you say? For Chicks Only...

So, I had a little think and I've realised that I've been withholding some information... no I am not really a chick on the inside, what is wrong with you!?! but I've got something perfect for you girls and it's something you'll enjoy for hours on end, provided those I'm about to mention keep it up, although I don't see it ending any time soon, believe me...

This my little petals, is two blogs owned and operated by two quite creative females...

First up, there is IndieBerries

Indieberries is the product of the ridiculously creative mind of one Che Kershaw. I met Che while I was in Cape Town last month at the SA Blog Awards, where the little cow picked up not one but two Awards, one for Best Personal Blog and the other for Best Blog Design. Che is originally from Hilton near Pietermaritzburg but lives and works far far away in South Korea teaching little Korean kids to speak English, like so.. well not really but she tells me she has quite a few of those moments on a daily basis. Her claim to fame is that she went to school with our very own Candice Swanepoel... nice... what I would have paid for that (does that sound really wrong?) So what does Che blogs about, well anything and everything that is on her mind and trust me you will not get board, she really enjoys her cool little girlie illustrations and stuff, definitely one to check out for you girls, this chick is on fire when it comes to blogging, you'll be fully entertained 🙂 Why is it that when I hear the words "you" and "entertained" in close proximity do I think of the scene from Gladiator, "Are you Entertained!!!" don't mind me, moving swiftly on...

Next up we have Little Miss Medic

Now I have no idea who Little Miss Medic is but while I was trawling through my traffic stats I noticed she had sent me a few hits, so I thought I'd investigate... and that when I virtually pissed myself laughing, which is a bit ironic when you see what the first blog was on the page, just a little Tuesday Tip regarding Vajayjays. I doesn't look like she's been blogging for very long at all but I quite like her style. From what I could gather, her name is Kat, she's a Saffa who's just moved over to the UK and just happens to be a doctor, not that the title gives it away, but judging from the posts she has written I reckon you girls are in for quite a treat... not to mention a huge arsenal of Tuesday Tips haha 🙂


So check it out girls, that should keep you busy while I deal with what appears to be a slight temporary case of writers block that I've been having lately... geez it sucks! I guess it happens, but soldiering through... wanna help?... send me stuff  ðŸ™‚

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