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A Message From Marky Mark about PharSide… READ THIS!

Read this very important message from yours truly regarding … it is important that you view this…

As you may be aware the voting phase of the closes at midnight tonight, the last two months have been hectic with firstly trying to get nominated to be a finalist, which thanks to all of you, PharSide succeeded in being nominated in not one, but two categories. Then there has been the voting phase which has been just as hectic since in order to win, one needs to get the most amount of votes, but it doesn't end there, because from now until the 25th September the judges will cast their votes which count for 30% of the final count.

Now in order to give everyone a bit more of an incentive in these final hours, I've decided to drop a little bomb to shake things up completely…

Observe 🙂

So there you have it… my final bid to dominate this years SA Blog Awards… its all up to you guys now 🙂

Remember, Share this video on FaceBook,  Tweet about it, send it on a frickin email if you can, whatever floats your boat, but lets get it out there, lets see what we can do in these final hours!

Thanks for the support!


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ok baai!


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