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Ad Placement Fail In Belfast Telegraph

Check out the ad placement on the front page of the Belfast Telegraph covering the story of the stricken ship Costa Concordia... if you don't see it then you may need to have yourself checked out, or apply for a job at the Belfast Telegraph since they apparently didn't see it either 🙂

Last week the front page of the Belfast Telegraph covered the story of the cruise liner, Costa Concordia that ran a ground off the coast of Italy which has since claimed a number of lives and a Captain that seems to constantly digging himself deeper into the kak as the story unfolds...

Planned or unplanned? you be the judge, but I think its a little hard not to notice a fail like that on a front page... plus to be quite honest, I didn't know Belfast had a Telegraph until now which I'm sure many others didn't either... marketing departments, they can be heartless sometimes 🙂

Incase you don't know the whole story of the ship yet, check out the full coverage over at the BBC

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