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And Another Racist Rant Video Hits The News [VIDEOS]

Another racist rant video on London Transport hit the news this morning following a series of Youtube videos that have emerged recently... although this time the person gets dealt 

Over the past few weeks a few racist rant videos have made there way into the news with most of them being taken on the underground, a tram or a London Bus.

First there was this one... funny enough on the tram between Wimbledon and New Addington... this one kinda sparked off the trend of these videos appearing in the news..

Thankfully that woman has been found by the police and been dealt with... bit of a dangerous spot to put her child in don't you think? Not going to go down well with child welfare I don't think...

Then there was this bird... who apparently the police are looking for... bet she's kaking a bit right now because this was taken back in 2010... 

Then there was this one this morning in the Daily Mail which occured on a Number 29 bus between Wood Green and Trafalgar Square, and for once someone actually wasn't gonna take the kak and duly reacted by kicking the foul mouth tubby bitch off the bus... The women seems completely plastered, probably on cheap cider shouting abuse out a guy, she then tries to kick the oke but comes cropper quite embarassingly, then gets up and tries to slap him. Naturally it got to the point where the oke had enough and needed to use force to stop the woman and diffuse the situation by kicking her off the bus... nice work 🙂 Take a look at her face the second she exits the bus, its rather amusing 🙂 

I doubt its the last we'll see of these in the news since if you take a look on Youtube, there's quite a collection of them, but what I am glad about is that when these do hit the news, it seems the police take them quite seriously and bust them for it... which is a job well done cause you really don't need these clowns running around in todays society.

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