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And The Winner For The Barry Hilton London Tickets Is….

As you may be aware, I had a pair of tickets to give away to Barry Hilton's "Serial Comic" Show at in on 22nd September.

After a pretty decent amount of entries, it came time for the draw, now putting all the names in a hat  and pulling one name out would have been a bit boring, so ten names were randomly selected in a "pin the tail on the donkey" fashion on an excel spreadsheet, and these were our ten finalists, in no particular order:

Teresa Duarte

Roxsanne Slatford

Warren Jones

Dwayne Saunders

Michelle Barreiro

Gareth Melly

Kevin Sykes

Grant Sutton

Colleen Zaninello

Alexia Meyer

These ten names were placed in a cap and a final three were drawn… and thats when the draw got a bit, if you could say… creative… involving one of PharSide's little mascots 🙂

If you're in the list above then best you watch the video to see if you've won, to the rest, a huge thanks to you for participating, your support is very much appreciated and I really hope to see you at the show! 

Check it out 🙂

So, well done to the winner, you and your partner shall be put onto the guestlist for the evening, so have a good one and enjoy the show!

Thanks again for everyone who played, I just wish I had more tickets to give away as it seems quite a few of you really wanted them bad, sorry guys!

To get tickets head over to www.satickets.co.uk and book yours quick before they get sold out


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