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HMVCurzon Wimbledon

And the winners for the Invictus movie tickets giveaway are…

And so after an epic jaunt down the gauntlet we have a victorious winner who managed to gouge a few eyes out to claim two tickets to at the plush new Cinema in in yesterday's giveaway!

Believe me I am grinning through clenched teeth when I say this, but…

Congratulations to taking 1st place! 

You may ask why I'm grinning through clenched teeth… well… let me tell you a funny little story… as luck would have it, it turns out that Robyn's father used to be my hard lined superintendent when I was locked away in boarding school at in … I should be charging Robyn a hefty amount for these tickets… payback time haha 🙂

And for 2nd place, well done to for winning two tickets to see "Mugabe and the White African" also at and courtesy of the HMVCurzon in Wimbledon.

Well done girls! Hope you enjoy it!

Okes, you need to get your shit together as you may have noticed that the case of Crème Soda was also won by a chick! 

Just incase you didn't know… the answer to the simple question was:

played Wing in the World Cup Final



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