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And We’re Back in Action… After a Short Break :)

You may have noticed a slight lack of posts over the last 3 weeks... well none to be exact. The reason for this was that I was living the dream in good old Durban, South Africa having a nice fat holiday... intentions were in place to post articles of events while I was over there however lets just say that not all went according to plan... remember the piece of shit phone I used to have before getting my beloved iPhone? Well it had the last laugh after all...

Just about the only good thing about that old X1 was that it had "internet sharing" on it where I could plug it into my laptop and have internet access via the built in 3G HSPA modem in the phone. So I decided to take the phone over with me to SA and purchase a new SA Simcard and load a data bundle onto it using it for internet access... as you do. Everything seemed well planned until I decided to get myself all set up and the piece of shit phone wouldn't even switch on... it must have heard my little rant I was having about it in this previous article because no amount of coaxing would bring the useless thing to life. I popped down to the Vodacom shop after that to enquire about getting a 3G USB modem and quite honestly almost passed out when the sales person advised that the modem would cost over a grand. I couldn't justify this for the 3 weeks I'd be out there so that was that. One thing I noticed is that in order to get a SIM card these days in SA you need to provide proof of address such as a utility bill etc... whats up with that? considering the World Cup is in a couple days time I reckon you're gonna have a lot of pissed off tourists who can't get a pay as you go SIM card for the time that they are there and being forced to use pricey international roaming. There's obviously some reason behind it such as to stop cellular networks in SA running out of numbers again if loads of tourists buy up all the numbers never to use them again after they leave. All in all it seems SA is still in the dark ages when it comes to internet access and consumers are being raped with the cost of it which actually quite frightening, during conversations on the subject, friends of mind virtually fell over backwards when I told them I have a 20Mb unlimited line at home that only costs me £8 a month where they are paying ten times that for access at a 20th of the speed, but I guess you've got to thank good old Telkom for that. Incase you're wondering why the iPhone couldn't come to the rescue after all this... well, it appears that an unlock for the software version that I have on my iPhone is not available yet, so didn't get very far with that.

Anyway, quite a bit went down over the 3 weeks that I was there such as Eugene Terblanche getting murdered, Julius Malema trying his best at Pop Idols with his "Kill the boer" songs, not to mention kicking a BBC journalist out of a press conference amongst other things, although on a more happier personal note, I decided to get my left knee dirty and asked The Jen to be my wife... thankfully, she said Yes 🙂 WOOT! WOOT! 🙂 

There's quite alot lined up on PharSide over the next few days while I play catch up on your hunger for amusement, so keep an eye out.

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