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Angry Customers… You’ve Gotta Love Them [videos]

You've gotta love angry customers who fail to control their rage when they call call centres... as a guy named Blaine from Vodacom recently found out... EISH! this oke goes MENTAL! 

Today Bangersandnash.com posted a video of an extremely angry Vodacom customer who goes completely off at a Vodacom dude named Blaine over a 1GB Data Bundle... I'm not sure why, cause everyone needs data bundles these days... I take it he's not on FaceBook, Twitter or uses Whats App... but geeez this oke sounds like he's got problems. At least he bides be the law and stops to make the phone call... if you've got any kids around.... *ear muffs" 🙂

Have a little listen...

Shame poor Blaine... Don't reckon the oke sounded like Darth Vader when he said "Now you listen to me very carefully!" hahaha 🙂 I like how the oke says that they have upset his wife... nought china, the reason why your wife is balling her eye's out is because she knows that when you get angry and out of control, shit happens, like she gets a black eye or two... I bet the oke had to pour himself a stiff "smack your wife and coke" after that....  just saying 🙂  Anger Management dude... you want free ring ting? 🙂

This one is pretty old, but it seems our man above has learnt how to speak english since his call to Eskom some time ago... whether you've heard this before or not, I guarantee you you'll piss yourself laughing!.... "NOU LUISTER VIR MY NOU FOKKEN MOOI!" 🙂

Moving on to the UK.... and trust me, angry customers are no different 🙂 Although from my own experiences with BT, they deserve every bit of this they get 🙂 

This next one reminds me of my first job here in the UK that I somehow managed to endure for the first two years dealing with the general public, because trust me, some people are incredibly stupid, impatient, don't want to think further than their noses and can just be down right dicks...

I present to you... the IT Support Line

I can totally relate to the IT dude, the guy is obviously being a complete prick... so what do you do, you ride it out as long as you possibly can and enjoy every moment of it... trust me, you become a master at completely driving someone insane whist speaking a calm monotonous tone, and of course, a smile on your face.... for the record, holding the power button down is pretty much exactly the same as pulling the plug or pulling the battery out... the IT guy knew that...but he wanted to own the customer on his terms 🙂 moral of the story... you want help... be nice 🙂

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