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Anvil Shooting… Only in America

Apparently is a sport in the States…

For those who can remember far back enough, you’ll recall a line from the Frito’s advert back in the 80’s that went…
“THE AMERICANS ARE CRAZY!” well they were right, they are crazy, or just plain nuts… 🙂

Would you believe it, there are people in the states that place an anvil on top of another anvil with a large dose of gunpowder in between the two… and then light it… this causes an explosion big enough to probably get you arrested under the terrorism act here in the UK, launching one of the anvils a few hundred feet into the air uncontrollably, before it plummets down hitting the ground virtually buring itself due to its weight… and hopefully not landing on someone in the process. The big question here is…. WHY?
Although I do recall something similar that happens in South Africa which involves a 2 litre coke bottle filled half way with water and compressed air… although I doubt an empty plastic coke bottle hitting someone its going to do much damage.

Check this video…. apparently this dude is “The World Champion” haha 🙂 He does ofcourse explain why 🙂



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