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Apple iPhone 5 Has Been Released… But How Does It Compare To The Competition?

So yesterday Apple FINALLY released the long awaited iPhone 5 that felt like we were waiting decades for. Release date has been set as Friday 21 September 2012 and you can pre-order from this Friday 14 September 2012, however we're still waiting for the SIM Free prices to be released which I bet is what a lot of people are waiting for, since many will still have quite a while left on their contracts. UPDATE: SIM Free prices start from £529 for 16GB model

Apple has packed quite a lot into a small space with the iPhone 5 since its thinner however 9mm taller than the iPhone 4S but get this, with a 4 inch screen as opposed to the usual 3.5 inch screen, something that hasn't actually changed since the birth of the iPhone in terms of size.;Lets take a quick basic look at a few of the tech upgrades from the previous model, the iPhone 4S and see what has changed.Dimensions:As mentioned, the iPhone 5 is taller (by 9mm) yet slimmer (by 1.7mm) but the same width, so you can still hold it comfortably in one hand, but it's also lighter than the 4S at 112g which is 28g lighter than the 4s.Display:The 4s had a 3.5 inch 960x640 pixel Retina Display, the iPhone 5 however now has a 4 inch 1136x640 pixel Retina display, not really a resolution upgrade as such from the 4S since the extra pixels make up for the extra half inch.Connectivity:Naturally the iPhone 5 supports all the standard 3G, 2G and the likes, however it now also supports 4G LTE which will actually work on UK 4G networks when 4G finally roles out in the UK, unlike the iPad 3 🙁It's also had a Wireless upgrade where it also now supports 5Ghz 802.11 N whereas the 4S only supported up to 2.4Ghz wireless networks, in other words, wireless connectivity is going to be much quicker provided your wireless network supports 5Ghz (most new routers do)SIM Card:Now this is an interesting one, remember when the iPhone 4 came out and you had to swap your normal SIM for a Micro SIM, well you are going to love to hear that they have changed it again, you're going to now have to swap your Micro SIM for a Nano SIM... mehFacetime CameraThe 4S only supported VGA Resolution Facetime, however the iPhone 5 now supports 1.2MP stills and HD 720p video in Facetime, something we got with the iPad 3.Video Recording:Resolutions etc. are pretty much the same, however... we now have improved video stabilisation and you can now take still shots while you are recording videoConnector:hmmmm, now this is one that is cool in one way and will be a ball ache in another way... the connector has changed from the standard 30pin connector to a much smaller "lightning" connector. the cool part that I mentioned is you are going to save yourself a second time with the 50/50 chance of trying to insert the connector the wrong way around because the lightning connector can fit either way, the bad part is... you know your iPhone dock/Alarm clocks like I have and just about everything else... is now obsolete in a way... I guess it had to happen someday, they probably thought, either way its going to piss people of fwhether they do it now or later. Although Apple have got a Lightning to 30pin Adapter available, its going to be pretty wobbly on your Alarm Clock Dock etc...Headphones:Apple have redesigned the headphones which look pretty schweet, it seems we'll no longer have to hear what some idiot on the train is listening to at full volume which is a problem Apple headphones have always had.Battery Life:hmmm, always a bit of a dodgy one... basically from full charge your talk time over 3G will be the same at "up to" 8hrs, however Browsing over 3G has increased by 2hrs at up to 8hrs, and an extra 1hr over wireless at 10hrs. Stand by time has increased by 25hrs which now gives you up to 225hrs stand by time... although, these figures have historically been very optimistic to real world scenarios since theres so many different factors involved, one being temperature etc...Oh and the iPhone 5 now comes with Apple's new dashing A6 chip which is supposedly twice and fast as its predecessor, the A5.One this is quite certain, all those rumours... were pretty accurate...So thats a high level wrap up at whats new, now lets take a look at how the new iPhone 5 weighs in in comparison to the competition, namely the Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola Droid RAZR HD and the Nokia Lumia 920...Mashable conducted and produced this very informative comparison chart (click to enlarge)hmmm... well it seems to me that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still winning in some respects, which is not good for me really since I'm a massive Apple fan, and I just know I'm never gonna hear the end of this from my mate Sean Bushby who happens to hate Apple and swear by the S3...but too me as personal preference, it is pretty big and bulky. We seem to have these things in common, I drive a lightning quick Supercharged 299BHP Honda Civic Type R (The Black Mamba) and Sean drives a big and bulky 343BHP BMW E46 M3 convertible but weighs a ton in comparison... (he still believes he'll kick my arse) haha 🙂But there you have it, looking at all four phones they a very similar in spec, it looks like Apple have just joined the party with the iPhone 5 to meet the specs of the whats currently available but I think deep within you'll probably find some real differences that set the four apart.Will I still get one, of course yes, like I said, the S3 is way to big for me, I vowed to never own another Nokia after the phone rage I had with my old 8310 and I just can't ever see myself with a Motorola in my hand...What do you reckon? which phone would you prefer? comment below and lets see what the general consensus is....

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