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Aussie banker caught scoping out pics of Miranda Kerr live on TV

Many of you would have read about this in the Metro yesterday morning which has caused quite a laugh... well possibly not for the Aussie banker involved, seen checking out racy pics of none other than Miranda Kerr live on Channel 7 News...

We've all seen, especially on Sky News for example, you'll have the presenter dude parking there nattering away while his little army of news room colleagues hack away at their computers doing whatever it is that they do. Well this wasn't exactly a news room, however the same concept was applied where an office background was used while a banker from Australian bank, Macquarie Bank, gave a financial report live on air for Channel 7 News in Australia.

Now I wouldn't expect anything less from our aussie mates when it comes to this sort of thing, but look closely at the video below, watch the dude at his computer to the left of the presenter's right ear 🙂

BUSTED! haha 🙂
Did you note the look on his face as the bugger realised what had happened ?
This is one of the pics he was looking at.. the one an only Miranda Kerr... EISH!, do you blame the oke for not realising? 
Orlando Bloom is one lucky bugger!
To be honest, I think the dude had every right to view such an awesome pic, just because 🙂
Click here for some NSFW pics which include Miranda showing a bit more than her shoulder which you might wanna check out, if you haven't already 🙂
[Thanks Sarah]

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