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Back To The Future Pic… Is A Hoax

If you thought yesterday 27 June 2012 was "The Future" where Marty McFly landed up in Back To The Future, then I'm afraid you've been had...

Yesterday and today a picture has been circulating going absolutely viral all over Facebook showing Doc's time machine Dashboard console in the DeLorean where the future date is set to 27 JUN 2012...Check it out...

20120628-133432.jpgNow this is obviously the result of a bit of Photoshop, to be honest when I first saw it, I thought something isn't right because I knew it was supposed to be October and 100% knew it was supposed to 2015... The real date obviously being 21 OCTOBER 2015....Not convinced? Check out this video from the movie... See?Oke's have been pretty bleak that we don't have Hover Boards yet, however we still have over 3 years to go before we can start jumping up and down... Scientists best start getting the A's into G...My mate Ryan has one already.... On his arm... 🙂

20120628-134529.jpgIt's not the first time this pic has caused confusion, in 2010 you may remember it did the rounds showing 05 JULY 2010...

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