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Ballz Radio is BOSS!

Ballz Visual Radio is South Africa's hottest new online visual radio station... here's why... but guess what, you can listen to it anywhere in the world too...like right here in London!

You may remember just short of two years ago I used to do PharSide LIVE on a Sunday afternoon where I used uStream to broadcast the show live over the web and you could check us out video the video feed and even chat to us via Skype, doing interviews, random phone pranks and getting up to all sorts of mischief, unfortunately after a while I found that prepping, planning and conducting the show for 3 hours whilst sporting the usual Sunday hangover, and in the end, the hangovers won, although I must say I've been pretty inspired to revive PharSide LIVE, which I'm sure many will be happy about considering the amount of stick I got from people when I stopped doing it.

Another enough about all that, the reason I said all that though is because Ballz Radio is built using pretty much exactly the same setup from what I can gather, however its run by some very familiar names in professional radio...

That being none other than the legend that is, Just Plain Darren Scott, his longtime sidekick John Walland and just recently joined, wait for it... wait for it... Sasha effing Martinengo!!! All of which you'll remember from top traditional radio stations in SA such as 5FM, ECR and Jacaranda in no particular order, I'd say they seriously don't require any introduction since if you don't know who they are, then there is no way you can call yourself South African...And if thats not enough to cause pulsating lumps of excitement in your veins, the other members of the team will literally tilt your chair over the edge into a whirlpool of awesome.

I'll start with the cracker on the show 🙂

Nicole Flint - she gets a WOWZERS rating of 10 out of 10! It's no surprise that she was Miss South Africa 2009 (but on the other hand, Darren... the Ballz website says 2010) This chick is sharp and provides excellent banter throughout the show.

William Scott (not sure if they're related) - South Africa's Number 1 Radio Producer, no bullshit, the oke actually won 1st place in the category at the 2011 MTN Radio Awards.

Simon Hill - The voice behind the impersonations as Blades (Hugh Bladen) and PDivvy (Pieter De Villiers) on the Rugby Panel, this laaitjie is not to be underestimated... hell pal! he's sharper than sharp with a wit that will own you!

Mazz Landman - She handles everything social media on Ballz Radio, she's a bit of a, how you say, highly respected guru in the field, lets just say, she fitted Ballz Radio with a twin turbo and a NOS kit in terms of spreading the word socially. I would seriously hate to see the result of an experiment of infused ideas between myself and her... lets just say I think it would be illegal, because it would be borderline world domination. I don't mean to blow my own trumpet and be one of those guys who claim to be a "Social Media Expert" but you all know I've come up with some pretty bright spark ideas that had astonishing results like obtaining 40 000 Facebook fans in 2 days topping at 85 000 angry Rugby Supporters with a certain Bryce Lawrence Petition, and my personal favourite since its a subject close to my heart, where I managed to create a massive amount of awareness for Rhino's with my "I Have Something To Tell You" video which officially topped over 300K Youtube views in a few days on my original upload alone, not to mention however much it got doing the rounds on BBM, anyway, I'm bragging now, but I'm sure you can see what I'm saying... Mazz and I would NOT be allowed to work together 🙂

Now with a team like that, you know you are in for one hellova blerrie experience, its probably a good thing that its only on between 12pm and 6pm SA time because everybody listening will get absolutely stuff all done. The topics that the guys speak about and run with completely sucks you in, obviously a large percentage of the show is surrounded by Rugby (and I ain't complaining) they do throw in a bit of that fall down, grab your leg and cry like its been severed off game, oh and they play some pretty good tunes too. The great thing is that they pull the audience in and interacting with the audience becomes a massive part of the entire show. I can honestly say that for six straight hours Ballz Radio will grab your attention, draw you in like a venus fly trap and keep you there until its time to say good bye, which is a rather sad event every time I've listened because I'm left with a feeling of loneliness, despair and craving for more, but you know its gone and you have to wait all the way until tomorrow for more. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Ballz Radio ticks all the boxes in terms of great banter and entertainment, its anything but boring thats for blerrie sure!

So I'd like to introduce everyone of you to the party, the great thing with it being an online radio station is the fact that you can listen to it anywhere in the world, and yes for you slow people, that means you can listen to it right here in London, even on your iPhone like I do sitting at my desk at work over 3G (thankfully I have unlimited data) or wireless if its available. ;

All you need to do is head over to www.ballz.co.za on your computer, smart phone, iPad, whichever, and on the front page just start the live feed via the play button... simples, no "I'm not a doffie" degree required. You can also interact with them via Skype and even join in the fun, no I are I.T. required...

So do yourself a favour right now, to enjoy the full Ballz experience, 'Like' their Facebook Page here and follow them on Twitter because they post loads of stuff during the shows to interact with them

So do it! do it now! mkay!


You can thank me later for bringing enrichment to your life 🙂

Nice work chaps! good game! 🙂

P.S. Darren tjooned yesterday about getting the Shark's Flasher Girls to do the weather on Tuesday, I don't know if I'll be able to watch, I may pass out with the blood suddenly rushing from my head 🙂

Just one more thing............


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