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BatDad is BOSS!

If you haven't seen him yet, its about time you met BatDad...this guy has a somewhat unique parenting technique that is all sorts of hilarious...

BatDad takes being a father to another level in a very unique kind of way...by making hilariously funny Vine video of himself wearing a rubber Batman mask whilst giving parental advice to his kids accompanied with the Christian Bale Dark Knight Batman voice... the result is of course enough to even make the hardest of dads to crack a smile and something even his kids seem to enjoy... well except his wife that seems to get quite a fright every time...He recently released a compilation of his 6 second Vine videos as part of a Youtube video which has racked up 4.5million views since 19th September ...so its a definite must see, right now... do it 🙂Strangely enough I don't see this on GeeksDoingStuff.com yet...odd.... Kirst? you ok over there? 🙂You might want to follow BatDad on Twitter cause this is only gonna carry on being awesome!

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