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Bianca Warburton Murder – Suspect says it was a mistake

Suspect in Bianca Warburton murder says it was a mistake

One of the three suspects, Ntembiso Msalaku, 25, arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning for the murder of Bianca Warburton last Wednesday 14th October, has said in his statement “It was a mistake” and has intended to plead guilty as he stood with his co-accused Mpuhumazi Gumede, 29, and Moffat Mthoti, 27, the co-accused have told the court that they would conduct their own defence.Bianca WarburtonMagistrate Renier Boshoff has said that they face a very serious charge which could lead to a minimum sentence of 25 years.The next court appearance is on 13th November and they will remain in custody until then.Now my question is this… at which point during the situation does this idiot think it became a “mistake”? Was it when they approached the car intending to hijack it? Was it when he aimed the gun intending to shoot? Was it when he pulled the trigger intending to kill? or, was it because they killed an innocent girl helping the community and ended up taking nothing?There is no mistake here, as the course of events unfolded he reacted in a way that he intended, he made decisions in his mind and intended to carry out those decisions fully understanding what he was doing, he was in control of his mind, he made those decisions consciously unless he can prove he was not in control of his body or he was being controlled by the aliens of District 9. It is because of these actions that he has proved that he does not belong in society and should be permanently removed. The only mistake here is the mistake that he was ever born, that is the mistake.See the article regarding Bianca’s Murder here[source]
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