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Bianca Warburton and her husband Clifford

Bianca Warburton Murder – Three suspects arrested!

Three suspects have now been arrested for the senseless killing of Bianca Warburton in an attempted hijacking on Wednesday.

After I've been keeping a keen eye on the news surrounding Bianca's murder, I woke up this morning to some good news. At around 2am this morning police received tip offs from members of the community regarding the whereabouts of suspects involved in the murder of Bianca Warburton. Inspector Moses Maphakela said that around 2:30am this morning three men originally from Kwa-Zulu Natal were arrested in Alexandra for the murder of Bianca Warburton... one was in possession of an unlicensed firearm believed to be the one used in the murder.

Bianca Warburton and her husband Clifford

Bianca Warburton and her husband Clifford

Bianca Warburton, originally from Durban, was a social worker doing an internship for her masters degree in Psychology through WITS University and was based in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg. She was tragically killed in an attempted hijacking on Wednesday morning 14th October whilst leaving her clinic, you can read the full story here

Big cheers to Inspector Moses Maphakela, awesome work by him and his team! A personal thank you from me. By the sounds of things these could definitely be the okes and even more so with the fact that the one oke was found with a gun on him, I guess all it would take now is to check if the rounds match.


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