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Bit Of “Old Skool” Spotted On The Underground Yesterday

Check what my boi Dale on the train on his way home from work yesterday…

 Yes, what you just saw right there was a good old still going strong in use today, in … In 2011!

Unbelievable! 🙂

Remember the days… When Nokia was at the top of the cellphone food chain, if you rolled with anything other than one of these you were labelled a total outcast and loser that just was not at the cutting edge of technology. Ja don't you feel old… Because I don't think anybody born this side of 1990 has any idea what we are going on about right now 🙂

You should have seen the Phreak strutting around as if she was super cool because she was rolling with a 3330, which was basically a White 3310, and I was, rocking out with my 3210 with interchangeable covers,…ja we were the shit 🙂

I reckon Jack Parow would be full on proud of this 🙂

I schmaak how this person rolls… although I still couldn't be parted with my beloved iPhone 4 🙂

Do you, or do you know of anyone that still rolls with one of these "retro" phones?

[Thanks Dale]


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