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Blou Bulle Fan Goes Just a Touch Over The Line

I don't think there's ever been a Blue Bulls game where their fans haven't gone all out and beyond extreme, as if there was a grand prize of a kiff new 4x4 Toyota Hilux bakkie for the most over the top dress or accessorization possible that would show that they in fact support the bulls, and if that wasn't bad enough, they even claim that their blood is blue... FOKKEN PRAWNS! 🙂

The Ballie sent me this today, and along with the pic he jokingly said, "gives me an idea". Now for those of you that know him, my Ballie is a serious serious die hard Sharks fan, my mom was also cc'ed on the email and lets just say, I don't think she saw the funny side, I could feel the death stare she gave him in his direction from over 100 miles away sitting at my desk.

Now we know they are a little obsessed about their team... but good lord! 

And we thought the poms were extreme... can't say I've ever seen a Man U house...

wait for it.................. wait for it................... only in SA 🙂

Lets just say, if ever any blue bulls players get kidnapped by some deluded obsessed fan, we know where we'll find them....


shame 🙂


[Thanks Ballie]

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