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WATCH: British Prankster Teaches His South African Friend Some Cockney Slang

Well known British Prankster, Kevin Freshwater, pranks his South African friend Claudia in this hilarious little skit...

Warning: mild Language/innuendosBritish Prankster, Kevin Freshwater teaches his seemingly unsuspecting South African friend, Claudia, some cockney rhyming slang.... although he's made a few naughty substitutions which cause all sorts of hilarious nonsense for Claudia... hahaha 🙂Nice work dude 🙂I guess we'll take that one on the chin for the millions of times other South Africans have taught the Brits, that when they meet another South African, the way in which they should greet that South African in "South African" as they call it...(aka Afrikaans)....is to say "Jou Ma Se..." ....I'll let you fill in the blank 🙂I'm sure you can just imagine the awkward situations that have arisen for some poor unsuspecting Brits who just want to be friendly and say Hi to a new South African acquaintance... haha 🙂Check out more of Kevin Freshwater's hilarious antics on his Facebook Page at Kevin Freshwater - Public NuisanceIn case you're wondering where you may have seen him before, you've seen him in a few of his mates prank videos... none other than Mr. Jack Jones of course.Well played son, well played 🙂Claudia you're a legend!

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