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Bulgarian Opposition Leader Very Narrowly Escapes Assassination Attempt [video]

This is flipping hectic! An attacker attempts to shoot Bulgarian Opposition leader, Ahmet Dogan in the face at point blank range, all caught on camera...

The leader of Bulgaria‘s opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms, Ahmet Dogan, escaped an assassination attempt Saturday while addressing a party congress in Sofia.You'll see in the video how the attacker walks up on stage, points a gun at Ahmet Dogan's face and actually pulls the trigger... amazingly the gun never fired, which leaves the attacker in a bit of a kak spot...Lucky for the victim but very unlucky for the attacker... check how security just goes absolutely mental on the oke... oh and look out for the old grey haired toppie getting a few shots in there for good measure... which I did find rather hilarious.Now thats a bit of an epic fail on the attacker's part... I reckon his first thoughts were... "oh crap" 🙂I bet Ahmet Dogan is certainly counting his lucky stars after that one... shish!!! 🙂

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