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Buttermilk Sky – The Hyperactive Leapfrogging Goat… [video]

You'll never see a more hyperactive goat that bounces around playing leapfrog with other goats ever...this will make you giggle... A LOT!

Well I know its only Tuesday and the weekend is still quite a few days away, but I've got just the thing to put a smile on your face... and that is in the form of a little goat named Buttermilk Sky. Buttermilk is a Nigerian Pygmy Goat from a farm in Maine, USA. Let's just say even this goat has gone Olympic crazy as it is constantly jumping around, bouncing all over the place and leaping over all the other goats... who knows whats going on in its head but it certainly does seem quite happy with life 🙂

The video, "Buttermilk Plays With Her Friends" has gone absolutely viral on YouTube racking up almost 4 million views since last week... in other words, you definitely have to see this one... careful if you're at work because you'll start giggling uncontrollably and people will think you're weird 🙂

Just you wait until you see the back flip! hahaha 🙂

The rest of your Tuesday should be pretty schweet from this point on 🙂

Buttermilk even has her own Facebook Page 🙂

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