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London Protest against the Secrecy Bill 03 Dec 2011

Calling All South Africans In London… It’s Time To Make Our Voices Heard! – Updated

The fight against the is not over yet – it still needs to be passed by the NCOP and President Zuma has to sign it. Now is the time to make your voice heard. 

We've submitted our application to to Westminster Council, and should get the approval later this week… in the meantime we are spreading the word, and making sure all passionate South Africans will be outside the South African House this Saturday. 

Please share this Facebook event with everyone you know in , and make sure they RSVP so we can communicate any change of plans should they arise.

Wear anything South African – BafanaBafana shirts, Rugby jerseys, your ANC/DA/Cope/FF shirts, and bring South African flags, placards and posters voicing your concerns. – 

The Protection of Information Bill could be our country’s future. A future where the government can censor any information they deem to be in the “National Interest” and make it a punishable offence to be in possession of that information. On Tuesday, 22 November the South African House of Parliament voted in The Protection of Information Bill. This Bill will unstitch the very fabric of our Constitution and it will criminalise the freedoms that so many of our people fought for. But there is still hope. The Bill still needs to be passed by the National Council of Provinces and by the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma before it becomes law. We can ensure that it doesn’t. Join us this Saturday in a public demo outside South African House to let the South African government know exactly what we, the people of South Africa, think of The Protection of Information Bill.

Make sure you're informed.

You can read the bill here: 

Trafalgar Square WC2N 5DP
London, United Kingdom

Saturday 3 December 2011

UPDATE: Police permission has been granted! The protest is going ahead… It's on like donkey kong!


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