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Can You Smash The JoJo’s Boerie Roll Challenge?

Do you have what it takes to smash the JoJo's ?… a one metre Boerie Roll and a 500ml Pepsi…. in under 30 minutes…

JoJo's Gourmet Boerie Rolls are hosting an epic  mouth watering challenge at in this Sunday.

Go head to head against an opponent to smash a 1 metre long wors roll topped with onions and a 500ml Pepsi, do it in under 30mins and you'll get the wors roll and Pepsi for free and you'll get a JoJo's Boerie Roll Challenge T-Shirt, don't make it in 30mins and you'll have to pay £20, seems fair enough to me… so who's game?

There'll be two available slots for you to enter this Sunday, two people go head to head against the clock at 11am and another session at 1pm. The 1pm slot has been filled however the 11am challenge is still open, so if you reckon you can do it, then message JoJo's via their Facebook Page to sign up! If you reckon you can't ,then you may aswell come down, have an awesome boerie roll (they are effing delicious!) and watch someone take on the challenge, I'm sure it'll be quite a sight to say the least 🙂

So pull in, Sunday 11am and 1pm, Wimbledon Dog Track Market just look for the SA flag on a really tall pole 🙂

What a boerie roll before then… JoJo's is open 6 days a week at Homebase in Merton Park and then Wimbledon Dog Track Market every Sunday, don't forget, you can also get them late at night at The Pod Bar in Wimbledon, ask at the bar for details


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