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Cape Town Beach Advertised As A Beach… In France…

A massive advertising error was spotted on London Underground where an advert advertising tourism depicting a beach scene in Northern France was in fact a photo of a beach in Cape Town... Llandudno to be precise...and who do you think spotted the cock up? Well a South African ex-Llandudno local of course 🙂

While doing what pretty much most of us do on a daily basis, former Llandudno local, Bradford Bird now working as a photographer in London was cruising on the underground, probably busting the tunes on his iPod he checked out an ad that has been plastered all over London Underground trains, however he noticed something not quite right, until at some point he must have tjooned to himself, stop the bus train. He soon realised that the advert was advertising tourism in Northern France but the beach in the picture wasn't exactly anywhere near Northern France, not even in the same hemisphere, but his local beach in Llandudno in Cape Town. Apparently he took a pic and naturally posted it on Facebook which obviously let the cat out the bag...

As it turns out, and to make matters worse, the pic also appeared on the French tourism website, www.gotofrancenow.com although has since been removed... EISH Shame! 

The managing director of the UK Based ad agency responsible for the cock up quickly came out and acknowledged it as a genuine mistake and they've proceeded to change the ad.

Apparently they went through 3000 stock photos searching with keywords such as "Northern France" which fair enough may have been a genuine mistake, however one thing is for sure... never underestimate us Saffa's in London who'll easily spot a pic of their homeland a mile away... I mean, our scenery is so awesome it gets used in loads of ads as it is... like theres a new car ad on TV that has scenes of Cape Town in it, might have been Audi, I can't fully remember right now.

They should have rather gone with this pic... would have been a safer bet 🙂


Good spot Bradford! Nice work!

Have you checked the ad?


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