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Car Jamming… This Is How Easy It Really Is [Watch]

Watch how Aki Anastasiou from Eye Witness News (EWN) gives us a 1 minute video demonstration to show just how easy it is for car crime criminals to gain access to your car, or worse, steal it altogether...this is Car Jamming prevention 101

During this time of year, loads of people are currently on holiday. For the most part in South Africa, many people are still having a whale of a time at busy holiday destinations along the country's sunny coastline. However in this relaxed chilled vibe of happy go lucky fun times, it can be very easy for people to let their guard slip whilst nipping up to the shop to grab more booze, charcoal, meat etc. As you can imagine, whilst its Chritsmas for most people, its also "Christmas" for car thieves and the likes who use a very simple technique of car jamming to gain access to your car containing your belongings. So here's a little reminder for those that may need it since nobody wants the hassle of good times going bad whilst you're on holiday by having your cab stolen... especially when you're 600km from home.In the video below, EWN's Aki Anastasiou gives us a very sobering demonstration on how easy and how quickly it is for someone to gain entry to your car within seconds after you thought you locked it... and the device that is used is probably alot more simple than you may have realised.Take a look at this Click here to view the video

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