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Castle Lager Bring You…The Braai Phone… This Is Genius!

Castle Lager have introduced something genius, something incredible, something absolutely every South African should have...The BraaiPhone...

Last week Castle Lager dropped an ingenius tool that every South African should have in their arsenal of tongs and knifes... which is none other than their BraaiNation app, supercharging your smartphone into something ridiculously powerful... right up to level: BRAAIPHONE... which is next level status that every phone dreams of becoming... its when a phone becomes... The Boss!The app itself is thin and lighter than Lite, extremely well designed featuring mouthwatering illustrations of juicy T-Bone Steaks,Fillet,Wors and tjops. Lets just say that if all the apps in the world were standing around a braai, the Castle Lager BraaiNation app would be the Tongmaster... true story!This lank kiff, yet absolutely essential app, which has blazing hot performance is an absolute must have for every Saffa... trust me, with this you will definitely be the envy of Sim Nation when it comes to your newly found cooking skills, turning you into an instant Tongmaster amongst your chommies, like lank fast track.And best of all, its for mahala bru! That means free of charge for you okes that live in Graaff Reinet 🙂Check out this awesome launch video that Jason Goliath, Castle Lager Braai Relations Officer (B.R.O) appeared in.... trust me, this is just too good not to share, especially when it appeals much better to certain other phone launches 🙂Hit a download of your BraaiNation app right now for BraaiOS or MandroidTrust me, I've been fondling the app all evening on my Mandroid phone and its seriously as good as they say it is... its seared brilliance, absolute sizzling genius!Just hit like below as a token of virtual applause 🙂

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