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Mandela Day

Mandela Day: Change the world in 67 minutes

Mandela Day 18 July: it's the one day each year that we are encouraged to give back just 67 minutes of our time. Considering we are blessed with 525,600 minutes every year, that's hardly denting anyone's precious schedule.

Someone once told me that whenever you're having a bad day, doing something for someone else will cheer you right up. You might not change the world but you'll change someone's world. So come on guys & girls, go spread a little happiness!For the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Mandela Day actions, no matter how big or small, should consistently focus on the realisation or restoration of dignity and empowerment through contributions. For the Foundation, the following focus areas have particular significance:
  1. Education and literacy
  2. Food security
  3. Shelter & infrastructure
  4. Environment
So choose a focus area that you'd like to contribute towards and go make a difference. Click here to find out about projects already listed. Here are some other options that might interest you:EnglandThe SA Diaspora team are hosting a social family event on 23 July 2016 in Winchester 13h00 - 19h00.SA Diaspora celebrate Mandela Day 2016FranceThe DA Abroad team in Paris would like to invite you to help them prepare lunch for the homeless.  They have been invited to help the nuns at the mother Theresa association at 60 rue du Folie Mericourt 75011 Paris.South Africa:Secret Sunrise Durban will be taking place on Thursday 21 July 2016 and will be fundraising for the Durban North Baby Home. Click here for more details
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Mandela Day

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