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Ryan Patterson

Celebrity Pouring Drinks At Suburban Tonight!

BREAKING NEWS! I've just been told that there will be a celebrity pouring a few drinks at Suburban in this evening!

, star of "Northern Birds" and most notably "Boston Pete" in Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, starring alongside the likes of Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz is currently in starring in a hilarious comedy theatre production called "Grab Your Goat, You've Pulled". Now would you believe it, with a good measure of, its not what you know, it's who you know, Ryan will be pouring drinks at Suburban Bar in Wimbledon this evening, and with any luck he may be unleashed onto the floor to collect glasses and of course mingle with the crowd. He may even show you a magic trick or two as rumour has it he was training to become a magician at one stage before landing his acting career. He is also a passionate Rugby fan but not as a good a player…

So make sure you pop in to Suburban later to get a glimpse of the man at work! If ordering a cocktail make sure you try the new "PharSider"… its BOSS!  It's been a long time since a high rolling celebrity walked into a pub in Wimbledon, you may remember, I was there for that one too 🙂


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