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Chav’s pick on the wrong Trannies and get DEALT!

Two guys off to a tranny fancy dress party in Swansea encounter a couple of chav's...

Part of acclimatizing to the English weather and London Vibe is getting to know whats what... So if you don't know what a chav is, then you obviously haven't got to London yet or you must still be collecting your bags off the conveyor belt at Heathrow Airport while reading this, in which case, there probably goes your bag right now, carry on reading because by the time you're done, it would be coming back around again 🙂So as we all know, chav's are the toxic waste that breeds and festers in the council estates of the UK just plainly irritates the crap out of the rest of society. In other words, useless parasites that need to be taken to a remote island far far away and left there... oh wait they tried that... its called Australia 🙂 and by the looks of things here in the UK, they left quite a few here and they've multiplied 🙂Enough of the useless info, as it turns out, a couple of yobs/chav's whatever you want to call the useless innits had a bit of a box with some people walking along the street on a night out, and from what it seems they felt pretty good about themselves after, they carried on down the road and encountered two guys cross dressed guys dressed up as trannies for a fancy dress party, however what these useless maggots did not realise is that these two guys were apparently cage fighters who after the first punch was thrown by one of the innits, cleaned up quite nicely and the innits got dealt properly as you'll see in the video below.And you would think their streak of bad luck would end there... nope, minutes later the cops picked them up. They were later charged and given community service which I'm sure will add to their prized collection of ASBO's.Cage Fighting Tranny Boys of Swansea, Wales... on behalf of every Saffa in London... WE SALUTE YOU! 🙂Check the CCTV video below (no sound... its CCTV)httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSILex-2Uu8

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