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Check What Spot Zapiro Was Awarded In The Top 10 Cartoonists Of The World

World Renowned South African Cartoonist Zapiro has been voted in as one of the Top 10 Cartoonists of The World by Online lifestyle magazine, Top Teny, you'll be pretty chuffed at what position he's claimed...

Top Teny, an online lifestyle magazine based in New York which gives you pretty much the Top 10 of everything.  They just put together a list of the Top 10 Cartoonists Of The World according to votes by readers.We all know that our legendary Cartoonist, Jonathan Shapiro is no doubt one of the best in the world... but now the rest of the world knows too.Zapiro claimed number two spot just behind US based Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed.
"Zapiro is an award-winning editorial cartoonist from Cape Town‚ South Africa. He started working as an editorial cartoonist in 1987 for ‘South’ newspaper. He has published nineteen cartoon collections and his work has nationally and internationally appeared at numerous group shows and exhibitions in New York‚ Dhaka‚ Amsterdam‚ Sweden‚ South Africa and more‚” As told by Top Teny
Zapiro has worked as a cartoonist for a number of newspapers including Mail & Guardian in 1994‚ The Sunday Times in 1998 and The Times in 2009.You can see the full list of the top 10 cartoonists in the world here.Here's some memorable Zapiro greats to experience again.... enjoy!Zapiro Zapiro-1 Zapiro-2 Zapiro-3 Zapiro-4 Zapiro-5 Zapiro-6 Zapiro-7 Zapiro-8 Zapiro-9 Zapiro-11 Zapiro-12 Zapiro-13 NICE ONE BRU! 🙂

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