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Checkers Teeth

Checkers Staff Notice… Got Teeth?

Apparently staff at a Store in were greeted with the following one morning… 🙂

Now to be quite honest, it's no surprise that this was found in Cape Town, why? because a large portion of the local population believe that knocking out your own two front teef is quite the fashion statement. Don't get me wrong, I've done it myself, only this wasn't exactly premeditated, it was basically the result of me thinking I could handle, after dopping about 5 Quarts of good ol Black Label and half a bottle of 100 Pipers Whiskey at the ripe old age of 15, with the body mass of a 10 year old, aswell as a large amount of poor judgement when landing… lesson learnt, always use hands to break fall when falling to ground… not face 🙂 I did however have to wing it as a fashion statement for a couple days.

But yes, its either that or Checkers are racking up on cheap labour by hiring enough old people who forget their in the glass next to their bed for it to become an issue…

Oh, and here's our beloved Whackhead taking the piss out of a possible staff member doing the necessary to keep his job 🙂

Only in SA 🙂


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