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Chick Discovers “Diamonds” Live on TV

What is this, Live TV FAIL week or what!?! Check how this chick digs for diamonds during a live news broadcast...

Just a few days ago we witnessed what was probably the worst fail in live television history and now this... Watch how a TV Station employee takes a look around to make sure nobody is looking, then proceeds to have a nice good scratch around up her nose hauling out a good load... but then.. but then... wait and see 🙂

Did you just vomit in your mouth a little? I know... MIFF! 🙂 Who does that! Good Grief! Clearly she's been a repeat offender from a young age! Bogies have probably been her staple diet for years now! She probably even smells her hand after giving her crack a good scratch too 🙂 

While this woman thought she was pulling a major sneaky, she obviously didn't realise her little nose adventure was being aired live on the evening news...

I'd much prefer getting bust checking out hot pics of Miranda Kerr on live TV 🙂

Check out some of these Live News Headline FAIL's too 🙂

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