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Chick Throws Her Toys Over Chicken Nuggets

We all get a little agitated when we pull into a fast food jol and order our favourite chow only to be told its past a certain time and they aren't serving it anymore...

I remember one ridiculous experience of my own when I pulled into Steers at Paradise Junction in Pinetown, and was told that I couldn't have a Tikka Mayo burger, I think it was, because it wasn't Wednesday or something like that... I believe the only difference compared to the rest of the burgers, was the sauce... Does Steers keep the Tikka Mayo sauce in the vault under a time lock that only opens on Wednesdays??? I think not... As you can imagine, I wasn't pleased... let's just say I screwed the chick around so much with my order that secretly , I think she wished she gave me the Tikka Mayo Burger in the first place (don't worry, I watched the chef like a hawk preparing it after that just to be safe)...but this chick in the States took things to another level and really threw her toys... over a few chicken nuggets...

Apparently she pulled into a drive thru and ordered chicken nuggets, only to be told that they are now serving the breakfast menu... well well... I'll let you see for yourself just what happened next...


observe... 🙂

Damn! she really did what those nuggets bad... she must have had some big time chicken nugget munchies from that trailer park chronic she was smoking... either that or their nuggets are THAT good 🙂

What do they put in them?... heroin perhaps? cause I'm sure we've seen tamer crack heads going cold turkey than this shit.

Apparently the cops bust her a few minutes later and she was charged with vandalism.

Now I'd like to see someone try that at a drive thru in SA... within seconds you would have seen a waitress run in from the side and clothes line the psycho bitch 🙂 Sleep! 🙂

Just one word of advice... if you ever work with my friend Ade and its your turn to do the Mickey D's lunch run... if he asks for 12 chicken nuggets even if 12 chicken nuggets aren't an option on the menu... you better come back with 12 chicken nuggets... trust me, I know from experience... it ain't pretty 🙂

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