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Chicks In Bikinis Swimming Sharks… HAIBO!

Hot chicks in bikinis swimming with sharks... boys, time to up your game...

They say you get a bit of a rush from Shark Cage Diving, that its quite a nerve rattling experience, some okes may even use it in pickup lines showing off a scar in a lame attempt to show they have balls... well sad news for any oke who says it takes a pair to take a dip with a few sharks as you will see in this pretty schweet video from National Geographic... Chicks in bikinis swimming with sharks... and no I don't mean the Sharks flasher girls at Kings Park on a Saturday afternoon...

I'm sorry... did you check any sharks in that video? 🙂 geeez! I'm obviously in the wrong profession, I should have become a marine biologist of some sort

Not exactly Great White Sharks, but Reef Sharks, I'm not a shark expert so can't really comment on their general temperament,  but still, you wouldn't catch me playing Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition with all those buggers checking me out like I'm a tasty little seal, not a chance ekse!

Shark cage diving just moved down the list in my books, because you'll never be as hardcore as these dolls 🙂

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