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Creative Protea Bashing

The have been under heavy fire since last week’s dismal World Cup dismissal… The nation has not held back in expressing it’s disappointment…

They’ve been called every possible derogatory name under the sun and widely labelled by the media as “The ” for their utterly shocking performance. I’ll admit, these days I’m not much of a cricket fan because quite honestly, I just don’t have the time. Plus added to the fact that I just find the cricket world overrun with a bunch of twats that think their shit don’t stink. The whole sherrad just seems like a couple of hours of a “how frickin awesome do I look in these sunglasses?” fashion show with no mustard talent to make up for it. For me, gone are the days of legendary players like the Hansies, Herchelles, Jontys and Hudsons, so I’m not really that phased to say the least since I think I watched all of about 10mins of this World Cup.

But I did find the following pretty effing hilarious :)


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