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Danger Boy has an imposter look-a-like

There's an imposter about posing as Danger Boy… girls beware, he's a fake, he's not "the real deal" :)

The other day I was checking out Facebook and I noticed Danger Boy had been tagged in a photo, only on closer inspection, it wasn't in fact Danger Boy… it was an imposter, posing and trying to be our beloved Danger Boy!

The REAL Danger Boy… looking ever so dangerous… thats the real deal "Danger Stare" aka "The Panty Dropper Stare" that many a girl has fallen victim of right there!… some say, he has the ability to remove panties with just a thought!

The imposter! otherwise known as Anthony Hutton. Rumour has it that in a desperate attempt to be as cool as Danger Boy he won some UK TV show called Big Brother in 2005… notice how he tries to pull off the "Danger Stare" but fails miserably… so fake!

If you see the imposter, let us know! :)

Sadly many girls are only realising the imposter is a fake after climbing into bed with him, due to the imposter's weenie being a good 5 inches shorter than Danger Boy's Anaconda :)

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