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Darren “Whackhead” Simpson, Prankster Extraordinaire!

For those who have heard of Darren "Whackhead" Simpson, he'll need no introduction, but for those who haven't heard of him, firstly, what rock have you been living under in the Karoo because you seriously haven't lived! Secondly, you're about to... and thirdly, your girlfriend/boyfriend is gonna be very pissed off with me for telling about you this... you'll understand why very soon because you won't be able to stop yourself from going onto next video after next video 🙂

Now I've just spent the last 1.5 hrs listening to just a few of Whackhead's pranks on YouTube... my head is literally pounding from laughing so much, I can't talk properly because my jaw muscles are so exhausted that  I now have a slight case of lock jaw, my stomach muscles are aching so much that I'm just praying that nothing funny happens in the next few minutes like, The Jen who is finally fast asleep next to me, starts having a full on conversation in her sleep (for the record and my safety, she doesn't, but there's a first time for everything, since she teases me about it all the time, I'm waiting with the video camera armed and ready! *cheeky grin*). Not to mention that I have lost count how many times I almost chundered due to laughing so hard that it developed into a full on violent cough, where I was choking and battling to get my breath back... so I guess you get the picture? he's pretty damn funny 🙂

So for those who don't know, Darren "Whackhead" Simpson is the "Serial Prankster" who all the Joburg locals have the pleasure of listening to on a regular basis with Jeremy Mansfield on his show, The Rude Awakening on Highveld Stereo 94.7. I would also just like to point out that Whackhead is originally from none other than my old turf, Pinetown and rumour has it that he was even fortunate enough to go to the same school as me, being Pinetown Boys High, he must feel honoured about this, its probably why he's so cool haha 🙂 I would actually live in Joburg if it meant I could listen to fresh Whackhead pranks everyday on my way to work... and trust me when I say this, thats a huge statement from me 🙂 I first heard of Whackhead when he appeared for a company launch party for some friends of mine, Hazel and Kelly from Living It Live back in 2007, I wondered why Denzil must of looked at me strangely when I asked who this dude was that everyone was raving about when I saw the launch video, but my questions were very quickly answered when I was opened up to this whole new world of telephone pranking genius!

I have never heard of anyone who can pull off phone pranks like he does, he's an absolute genius when it comes to it. How he keeps a straight face is beyond me, personally I know this from when Parys Potgieter's Crib was filmed, because we all know it can be excruciatingly difficult to keep a straight face without bursting out laughing when something is ridiculously hilarious. Also when he gets bored of pranking South Africa, he even starts pranking people right here in the UK as well as Australia amongst others.

One of Whackhead's most notable and probably most expensive pranks (for the other party ofcourse) was when he went live on air for the Kyle and Jackie O Radio Show in Australia in Jan 2009, posing as none other than Tom Cruise to do a live on air interview for Valkyrie. Whackhead had them going for a short period of time before chaos at the radio station erupted when they realised that they were the victims of a massive prank by our dear Darren. Apparently the station had spent $150 000 in advertising that week for the "interview" whereas Whackhead even had the balls to tell them that it had only costed him a R6 phone call. He also made a point of congratulating the SA Cricket Team for beating the Aussies the day before... nice 🙂

Listen to the Tom Cruise prank here

Now it would be virtually impossible to post every video on YouTube of each his pranks so I'll just post a few below to wet your taste buds a bit. Make sure you have no work to do or have alot of time to kill because he is seriously seriously addictive, it'll be a case of, "ok just one more" and that one more will be ten pranks ago in no time. This evening I found an entire Youtube playlist of Whackhead as "Piet The Receptionist" I thought I'd tempt myself to a few minutes as I had quite a bit to get done on PharSide this evening, however this turned into a full on "Piet The Receptionist" marathon which as mentioned, lasted 1.5 hrs and put me in the state I am now.

Click here for the "Piet The Receptionist" Youtube Playlist

Here are some Whackhead pranks, enjoy!

(Please note, I do not take responsibilty for people in your office looking at you funny because you're laughing out loud like a freak, thats Whackhead's fault)

This first one you'll know very well... click here

And here's a recent one where he pranks Ras Dumasani


Whackhead, I salute you! Keep it coming! 🙂

[Thanks Jason]

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