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Did I Miss Something Here… The Race-ist?

South African movie, The Race-ist.... huh?

My mate Sean sent me this YouTube video on FaceBook the other day, a movie trailer for a full on South African movie called "The Race-ist"... I watched it and thought, oh right, South African movies are moving on from the usual Leon Schuster comedies and moving into the world of high speed action packed flicks.

Check it out

Then I noticed on the YouTube page in the description "Movie coming April 2010"... say what!?! That was over a year ago!

Have I really missed something here... obviously Sean hadn't heard of it, I definitely hadn't heard about it, and we are both usually pretty sharp when it comes to whats what... weird.... 

It's got some pretty well known faces in it which makes it even more surprising that it went unnoticed...

Check out this vid...  regte kiff accents and all 🙂

Nice to see "Bad Brad" hasn't changed one bit  🙂

I wonder if they had my main man, Mike Naicker from Chatsworth as Chief Car Modification Consultant 🙂

Did anyone actually see the movie? 

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