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Does This Oke Have The Kakkest Job On Earth?

If you thought your job was kak, maybe think again...because for this Aussie, he literally has to swim in it...EISH!

Whilst you head to work this morning, you may be thinking what an amazing job you have...ja... for many, those who are lucky to have one, will still no doubt be thinking what a kak job they have. But when you think if how kak you job really is, spare a thought to this poor bugger..His story has been around for a while but its definitely good for a laughHis name is Brendan Walsh and funny enough, he says he actually loves his job and always has. What does he do, well... he spends most of his days diving to the bottom of sewage tanks filled with human sh*t to fix machinery.Ja, this isn't mud or cement in case you were wondering...

He must be a pretty optimistic chap... still gives a thumbs up even when he's neck deep in the sh*t 🙂

Apparently when he emerges from the netherworld of kak he has all sorts of objects stuck to him like condoms, tampons, false teeth... I'm sure there must be a goldfish from time to time... not to mention a massively thick layer of sh*t 🙂Brendan who is also a trained mechanic runs his "poo diving" (its not only that) business called, East West Dive and Salvage in Melbourne, Australia... and as I'm sure you've probably guessed, he says it's a rather lucrative business.He told the DailyMail
"It’s more thick than normal diving and you can’t see anything no matter what."It's more like walking than swimming when you get down there.""I love my job and always have."I'm a passionate diver from way back and I'm a mechanic."I've never worked a day in my life because I combine my passions."

Apparently its far worst for the okes who have to decontaminate him

I dunno, being around all that sh*t all the time getting in and out of your gear... I'm sure just once...its got in his mouth hahaha 🙂 I mean come now! shit happens! haha 🙂

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