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Miracle Rising South Africa History DStv

Don’t Miss: Miracle Rising South Africa On The History Channel

You definitely don’t want to miss Miracle Rising South Africa this evening on the History Channel…

Miracle Rising South Africa History DStv

I spotted an advert on TV yesterday about Miracle Rising South Africa, which looks be a phenomenal documentary that airs tonight on the History Channel…. a definite must see…

MIRACLE RISING®: SOUTH AFRICA is the epic legacy of South Africa’s political transformation that culminated in the first free and fair elections in April 1994. Narrated through personal and intimate accounts from world leaders, politicians, celebrities and journalists, this thought-provoking documentary reflects on South Africa’s very own ‘Miracle’ – the inspiring story of a journey from apartheid to democracy.

Check out the trailer… ignore the date on the trailer as I’ve checked the TV guide and its definitely on tonight 11th Feb @ 9pm ….already scheduled my Virgin Media to record it :)

Now that is something I’m certainly not going to miss :)

Remember, 9pm on the History Channel… do it!

  • Sky: HISTORY 529 & 530 (+1)
  • Virgin Media: HISTORY 234
  • DSTV: HISTORY 186 (double check the TV guide to confirm time since SA is 2hrs ahead)

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Something tells me this is going to be one powerful thought provoking documentary

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