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Douwe Egberts “Yawn Activated” Coffee Machine At O.R.Tambo Airport

Douwe Egberts really do know how to do coffee like a boss... like with this pretty awesome yawn activated coffee machine... check this out!

Douwe Egberts came up with a pretty genius idea for their Bye Bye Red Eyes Campaign (no it will not sort out that kind of red eyes...you'll need eye drops for that 🙂 ), to the extent that every home should have its own. They got some techie nuts to rig a coffee machine with a bit of hi-techness so that it dispenses coffee as soon as it checks you yawn.Quite simply, they rigged the coffee machine with some facial recognition software to recognise when a person yawns. It then it instantly dispenses a fresh cup of great tasting coffee...its astounding that we've only seen something like this now since coffee machines and facial recognition software are very much a part of every day life these days.So along come Douwe Egberts SA with this coffee making with added genius marvel, and conveniently placed it in a waiting area at O.R. Tambo Airport in Johannesburg and well take a look at what happened...like all those people, that would put a lank kiff smile on my face, thats for sure...I'm just putting it out there... but that coffee machine best still be there dispensing great cups of coffee when I arrive in Jozi on a midnight arrival flight from Nairobi when I finish climbing Kili... cause I'm sure gonna be gagging for it thats for blerrie sure!Very very nice touch Douwe Egberts SA...make sure you okes check out their Facebook page for more info on their Bye Bye Red Eyes campaign mkay!ja I bet you yawned at some point, didn't you? 🙂

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