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Pinetown Drunk Driver

Driver Passed Out At The Wheel In Pinetown… Beer In Hand… [video]

On Sunday afternoon and oke was filmed passed out in his at the traffic lights on St. John’s Avenue in my old hometown, , KZN…. Assumed to be slightly boozed

Little is known exactly why the oke was sitting at the robots, seemingly out cold or what has happened to him since, however its pretty clear he’s holding a can of between his legs and a bottle of something else on the passenger seat… so it does seem just a tad bit like, well not and driving… absolutely hammered and driving.

Who knows, the oke may have just had a sudden bout of narcolepsy but I guess its a bit of shitty timing to have a in your hand while you’re driving and that happens.

Lets just say I’m glad he was in a stopped state and not hurtling down the M7 when he decided it was time for a nap… Either way, its pretty hectic.

Well, you know… we don’t call it Crimetown for nothing 🙂

As my friend Terry will always tell you… Pinetown is a Finetown 🙂

If anyone ha got any further info, feel free to comment below with the deets…


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