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Dude Ramps Off A 4000m Cliff… Bike Doesn’t Make It [Video]

Meet Julio Munoz, he's a Chilean stuntman that likes to ramp bikes off high places...

Chilean stuntman Julio Munoz thought it would be a good idea to ramp his bike off a 4000m cliff in the Andes mountains in Chile.

Can you spot him in the pic?

Lucky for him he had a parachute strapped to his back... the bike isn't so lucky.

After months of preparation Julio strapped a helmet cam to his head, and had a few other camera positioned to film his latest stunt... ramping off a 4000m mountain edge and then free falling for as long as possible only opening his shoot 200ft before he became one with the Andes mountains.

don't believe it? check out the vid... some pretty awesome footage 

Looks like he got about 3 feet of air that time 🙂

I'd 4000m is questionable though... possibly 4000m from the ramp to where he landed...


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