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Durban Car Surfing… DO NOT Try This At Home

Dude Surfs On Car Roof at 80 km/h.... in Durban

For some of us, when we were young, we did some pretty insane things. You know those things when you look back now and with a deep bated breath, you sigh out the words, "EISH! that was crazy"...yeah, I've got a few of those. but luckily for some, thankfully these acts of insanity went by un-filmed for the sake of our mothers' hearts... but for some, it wasn't always the case...

Word on the street is that this occured some time ago, in Westville, Durban, South Africa, at a speed of around 80km/h.

Trust me, I don't even think Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew would attempt something like this, as I think the only way it can be done is with a temporary lack of brain cells and a big giant set of brass balls...

NOTE: I in no way condone what you are about to see, and please DO NOT try this at home, as its quite obviously, ridiculously dangerous... in the event that a cute little puppy might decide to cross the road, my money is on the driver stopping for the puppy while you continue your no frills in-flight journey at 80km/h, decreasing altitude at a rapid pace with no landing gear  🙂

Pretty fuckin nuts hey 🙂

Obviously got a bit bored of his board 🙂

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